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Many years ago the Brigade was offered the site of the original school house opposite the Coles Shopping Centre on the Bridgewater Carey Gully Road for the purpose of fund raising for the brigade.

A couple of our forward thinking auxiliary members started the original 'Bridgewater CFS Ladies Auxiliary Op Shop'.  The shop is still running to this day although it has dropped the 'Ladies Auxiliary' from the title (some men of the brigade work there too now!).

The shop has become quite well known in the hills as the cheapest 'Op Shop' around and with the continued support our our local community and the support and hard work of a group of auxilary membersit provides excellent value to our customers and at the same time providing funds to the brigade for many and varied projects.

The Bridgewater Country Fire Service Fire Fighters extend our heartfelt thanks to our hardworking auxiliary and those members of the community who support us.